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Blogtemper: My Africa, my words

There's 30 minutes left the first day of this challenge. The challenge is to write a post every day for the month of September.I'm not ready. I am afraid I will fail to post everyday, but here I am. I will do my very best and I will succeed. Stories from home, that's what we are going with. I've developed an insecurity about not being African enough in my blogging. My all time favorite writers are European, what do I know about African literature? How dare I even think about writing African stories?

When you have been accused of "coconut", oreo or not black enough most of your life, it gets to you. I didn't realize how much till I stumbled upon the afroblogging community. The more I realized African bloggers/writers are nothing like that "African narrative" we need to change, they are normal every day folks with thoughts and words not too far removed from my own, the more I see that someone lied to me along the way. I did not realize how deeply …
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Carry Your L

So I'm checking my outfit in the mirror on my way out and I think to myself "I'm too hot to be ghosted". And I really am! Hot, that is. 
I'm funny, intelligent, independent, charming, witty, compassionate, really overall just a fucking stellar person. My mother will testify to my awesomeness and it's no secret that I am my father's favourite. I mean, I know I'm also lazy, don't do housework or make my bed, pretty much fucked up most of my friendships due to this thing called clinical depression and I can also be a bitch.

But I swear the good far outweighs the bad. And I am super aware of my faults and actively working on my childhood trauma. I apologize when I'm wrong and I'm in therapy! Who wouldn't want to date me? If I could, I would marry me, I'm a real catch.
So you can imagine it only took my empowered feminist self a full month to finally gather the courage to tell the male friend I've been crushing on all damn year tha…

I like like You

I really like like you 
I like your face
The way it lights up when you smile
I like your facial expressions and how easily I can read them
How we don't always need words to communicate
I like the way you talk
And the things you say
I like hearing your thoughts
Your view on this patriarchal society, feminism, race and religion
I like the lazy weekends spent on the couch vegetating in front of the telly
I don't even like television
I like watching it with you.
I like like how self aware you are
And the fact that you're actively working on your childhood  trauma
And becoming the best version YOU choose to be

You're aware of your and have reconciled yourself to your biases
And act accordingly
Like how we both think most white people are racists but still give them a chance to prove us wrong, we are barely, wrong. I like the way you care for your sister
Makes me wish I had a big brother, one just like you

I like like you so much I wanna be your girlfriend
I like li…

The Distraction That Never Happened

The God Lord knows it was a very trying June, it has sucked the writing juice out of me. It's not writer's block, simply the lack of a desire to write. Ironically, June's the month with the most posts on my blog. I haven't shared all of them, but they're here for your viewing pleasure.

Shout out to Tau of  Tau Kelvin Writes for getting the gears rolling for this post.  Read, comment, subscribe to his blog. The man has big dreams, it will be a ride watching him make them happen.

Last week, I asked my next door neighbour "Zach" to take me out on a date, he didn't. After what I'd describe as a scolding, he said he would, he hasn't. I saw him for the first time since Sunday, yesterday. He has heading in to his place and I was coming from a  grocery shopping trip, finally bought food, adulting is hard.

He smiled wide, asked about my trip and went inside. I felt warm and fuzzy for about two seconds but I was running late for work, I had less than 5 …

He's the kind of regret you want to have

She looked at him laughing, sharing a joke with friends and in that moment she had an epiphany
He's the kind of risk worth taking
Her mind was quiet, no objections, finally,  synchronized with her heart.
Still the cynic, still jaded
But no longer afraid of the possibilities or heartbreak that she suspected would ensue.
It doesn't matter anymore.
He's the kind of guy that would make the pain worth it
The words he inspires will maybe, possibly win her a Pulitzer
He's the kind of regret you want to have
He's the mistake worth making
And on the off chance he's the one,
(she still doesn't believe in happily ever afters)
he's the kind of man she wants for a life partner, the only man she wouldn't mind fathering her children
For the first time in her life she was at peace
Her mind echoing the name her heart wisphered, his name
And she knew, his was the path she'll walk forever.

Heartache and distractions that aren't working

When it rains, it pours. Or so the reoccurring theme of my life goes. And like all other times in my life when the devil decides to mess with me, I create a distraction, something entirely of my own making, to amuse myself...

This time, I asked "Zach" my next door neighbour out on a date. Picture this: Just getting off work, i'm hungry and tired. As I approach the stairs to my flat, I see that  Zach's car is there, "Zach is home." The thing about Zach is, he is never home. He keeps odd hours, even more so then I do (that's saying a lot). So when he's home, I always say to myself "Zach is home". I've made it into a game of sorts, I smile because I've always thought he's kinda cute, the few conversations that I've had with him have led me to believe that he's not stupid.

So I'm walking up the stairs, and instead of continuing I turn and knock on his door. This is completely unmeditated, I'm just going with the flo…

About Me

A significant number of people have been assuming things about me and its getting annoying. Random facts and statements to set some of the record straight. And then some...

1. Christian because Jesus
2. Feminist
3. Writer/blogger
4. Pro-LGTBI+
5. I heart the color black
6. Attachment Style: dismissive avoidant
7. I love fruits
8. Cheese and avos are from the devil's workshop
9. Morality exists outside of religion
10. I hated law school, let's never talk about it again!
11. I know I'm beautiful, get over it!
12. I don't wear pants in the house
13. Three word vulgar vocab: fuck, bitch and damn.
14. Organised chaos and I like it that way
15. Two types of people in this world: The ones I love and idiots
16. Love is worth the risk, with the right person, who is a unicorn
17. Beach please!
18. Insomiac
19. Chronically clinically depressed
20. Insecure about my weight, sometimes
21. Almost always guaranteed to tell the truth. 22. Lemons give me life 23. Best aunt in the whole…